Weeds in vegetables

Many vegetables are very sensitive for weed competition. Therefor the field needs to stay nearly weed-free until harvest time. This also avoids complications with machine harvesting, or weed-residues in the harvest. Common weeds are gallant soldier, goosefoot and amaranth, which are all forming many seeds. Other common weeds in vegetables are chickweed, millet- and speedwell- species as well as groundsel, which is not covered by the standard herbicides.

Find out more about the mechanical weeding solutions from our EC-Weeder-range, or about our automatic hoeing manchine IC-Weeder.

EC-Weeder for lettuce

That’s how your EC-Weeder for lettuce could look like. It is a 3 bed machine, which covers 4 rows with a row distance of 38 cm in one bed. It is equipped with three IC-Light camera steering systems, which allow precise steering within every bed. The Basic-Elements are mounted on a square tube and they are set up with an A-blade to remove weeds inter-row. Between the beds, in the tracks, spring-tines with duckfoots loosen up the soil.

Find out more about all your options to customize your EC-Weeder for your needs.


IC-Weeder for lettuce

This is how your IC-Weeder for lettuce could look like. It covers 5 rows with a row width of 30 cm. Cameras are mounted under the cover to reliably image the field of view, which is illuminated with LED lights, even in changing light conditions and at night. The elements are mounted on a square tube and are equipped with sickle blades for removing weeds between the rows and in the row.

Find out more about all your options to customize your IC-Weeder for your needs.



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