Sugar beets

Weeds in sugar beets

Especially in the early development stages of sugar beets, the risk of yield losses due to early competition from weeds is critical. Therefore sugar beets must be kept weed-free until the rows are closed. A clean field also simplifies the harvesting process. Depending on the previous crop, different weeds occur. Goosefoot, cleavers, orache and knotweed appears regularly. In crop rotations with maize the millet spectrum, amaranth, and gallant soldier develops well; cereal rotations are marked by black grass and volunteer grain.

Find out about our solutions to get a clean field in a mechanical way with our EC-Weeder-range, or by reducing herbicides with our row-spray solutions EC-Spray.

EC-Weeder for sugar beets

This is how your EC-Weeder for sugar beet could look like. It covers 12 rows with a row distance of 50 cm and is equipped with the IC-Light camera steering system for fatigue-free work at day and night time. The Combi-elements with the EC-Space tool setting are mounted on a profile toolbar and equipped with A-blades and L-blades on rigid holder for working between rows. Hydraulic lifting of the Combi-elements and finger weeders ensures less crop damage at the headland.

Find out all your options to customize your EC-Weeder for your needs.



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