• Automatic intra-row hoeing machine for vegetables
  • Single plant recognition due to camera images
  • Can also be used in the dark thanks to LED lighting
  • Active hoeing knifes move between the plants in one row
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive operation

This is how your IC-Weeder for lettuce could look like. It covers 5 rows with a row distance of 28 cm. Underneath the cover are 3 cameras mounted for the single plant recognition. The field of vision is illuminated with LED lights. A compressor provides the pneumatic pressure to move sickle-shaped knifes actively intra-row, so between the plants in one row. The inter-and intra-row tools are mounted on an parallelogram element to follow the contour easily. The support wheels guarantees the correct working depth of the knifes, and via the side shift-frame the machine is steered precisely between the rows.

Find out all your options to customize your IC-Weeder for your needs:

Row width minimum 25 cm
Plant distance minimum 20 cm
Working width up to 6 m
Driving speed up to 4 km/h
Weeding up to 2 cm close to the crop
Multiple cameras covering 60 cm field of vision each
Detection of green hues and the RGB-colour spectrum
Remote service for direct support



The cameras are covered to avoid shades through natural sunlight. Instead, the field of vision is illuminated with LED-lights, for high quality camera images. The camera makes high resolution pictures in green hues or the RGB-colour spectrum, every camera covers a field of vision of 60 cm. The images are transferred to the job computer and visualized on the terminal.


The touchscreen terminal processes the camera images into precise steering signals. From the camera image, the plant size and the expected plant position, the actual plant position is calculated. This steering signal is transmitted to the sliding frame to follow the rows correctly and to the active hoeing knives to remove the weeds within the row. With the touch-screen terminal the job computer is controlled. The operation of the IC-Weeder via the terminal is very easy and intuitive, but extra help is accessible via remote service.

Sliding Frame

The side shift is based on a parallel steering frame, which transfers the steering signal to correctly follow the rows side-warts. The machine position can be moved hydraulically 15 cm to the left or the right.

Support wheels

The two support-wheels correct the height of the machine hydraulically, and provide the speed-signal to the job computer. They also ensure the side warts stability of the machine.

Profile toolbar

For flexible row widths: The elements are clamped to a 80 x 80 mm profile tool bar via robust connections, allowing them to easily moved to cater for various row widths.


The parallelogram element is equipped with three tool holders for the inter- and intra-row tools. The front tool holder is fitted with a hoeing knife on rigid holder for working between the rows. Two sickle-shaped knives are mounted behind it to remove the weeds between the plants within the row. The element is suitable for row widths of 25-40cm.


The parallelogram element is equipped with four tool holders for the inter- and intra-row tools. The front toolholder is fitted with rigid or vibro-holders with hoeing knives for inter-row work. Two sickle-shaped knives are mounted behind it to remove weeds between plants within the row. The element is suitable for row spacing >40cm.


Behind the element, cleans the crop of dust and soil by means of a blast of air.

Pressure relief

Optionally, the weight of the element on the floor can be reduced by a pneumatic cylinder.

Sickle knife

Precise knife that cuts the weeds superficially. Swivels into the row on both sides. Its curved shape allows you to work as close as possible to the plant. When closed, two knifes overlap each other so that all weeds are removed.

Weed Harrow

The weed harrow is mounted behind the machine and removes the soil from the roots of the weeds that have already been chopped off. This reduces the risk of re-growth.

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