• Parallel sliding frame for every hoeing machine
  • Control manually via seat and joystick or automatically with the camera control IC-Light
  • No transfer of movement between the tractor and steering frame when driving with open lower link stabilisers
  • Gentle to crops thanks to a high ground clearance

The EC-Steer parallel steering frame makes controlling your hoeing machine a breeze. Whether you have a third-party machine or an EC-Weeder – EC-Steer allows you to upgrade any hoeing machine with a steering system controlled via an in-cab joystick or with the IC-Light camera control. This is particularly advantageous if you want to use hoeing machines for various row widths with a single steering system.

Hoeing machine swivel range of up to 20 cm to the right and left
IC-Light camera control or manual control via an in-cab joystick
Optional short linkage connection for an optimised centre of gravity

Model series

EC-Steer 7

The EC-Steer 7 is suitable for coupling implements with a total weight of up to 2500 kg. The coupling is done via a category 2 three-point linkage (L2 Z2).

EC-Steer 9

The EC-Steer 9 is suitable for coupling implements with a total weight of up to 4000 kg. The coupling is done via a category 3 three-point linkage (L2 Z3 or L3 Z3).


Rubber support wheel

Due to their large wheel diameter, the rubber support wheels ensure optimum load-bearing capacity. The height is adjusted via a perforated grid. The rubber support wheels are particularly gentle on the crop.

Steel flanged support wheel

The wheel flange ensures improved track stability. The height adjustment is done via a perforated grid.

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