• Hoeing and earthing up machine for ridges, while protecting the crop
  • Stability of the ridge stays untouched
  • Easy to use, low maintance and high quality

The EC-Ridger is suitable for all crops grown on ridges with 75 cm row distance, like potatoes and carrots, also in later growing stages.
The working principle of the EC-Ridger consists of three to five steps: Optionally, the subsoiler cultivates the soil between the ridges. Then the hoeing discs cut the weeds from the sides of the ridge and the spring tines loosen the soil between the ridges. At the end of the process, the earthing-up rebuilds the ridge back into its shape. Optionally, a metal plate protects the crop leaves from damage.

Working width up to 6 m
Driving speed up to 8 km/h
Row distance 75 cm
Automatic & manual steering systems



The optional subsoiler loosens the soil between the ridges and supports the water drainage. The working depth can be individually adjusted.


The heavy one: The TRS-Element is well suited for severe conditions. Therefore it is used in the EC-Ridger machines for earthing-up shares and other heavy tools.

Hoeing discs

The hoeing discs cut the weeds from the sides of the ridges, the cutting angle and the width can be easily adjusted to fit the ridge.

Spring tines with shares

The spring tines with shares loosen the soil between the ridges.

Earthing-up shares

The earthing-up share rebuilds the ridge back into its shape. The angel can be adjusted to fit the ridge and to control the compactness of the ridge.

Earthing-up disc

Instead of the earthing-up share, it is also possible to use earthing-up discs. They are especially suitable for wet conditions and certain soils.

Leaf protector

The leaf protector makes sure, that no leafs of the crop are damaged while hoeing the side of the ridges and earthing them up. It also gently moves soil back on the ridge. The width of the plates are adjustable to fit to the different grow stages of the crop.

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