Weeds in potatoes

The weed flora in potato cultivation is strongly influenced by the previous crop. In crop rotations with maize, you will find millet- and amaranth-species, goosefoot. You can also encounter black nightshade, all weeds that are hard to control. In sugar beet rotations, gallant soldier and knotweeds are common; in cereal rotations you will find grass weeds like black grass and annual meadow grass.

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EC-Ridger for potatoes

This is how your EC-Ridger for potatoes could look like. It covers 4 ridges with a row distance of 75 cm. The TRS-Elements are mounted on a square tube and they are setted up with hoeing discs, for removing the weeds on the sides of the ridge, spring-tines with shares and a earthing-up shares to build up the ridge again.

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