Weeds in Maize

Maize reacts very sensitively to competition from weeds in early growth stages. Without adequate weed control, the crop cannot establish itself. When the rows are closed, only weeds that overgrow the maize, like bindweed, are critical. Important leading weeds in maize are goosefoot, orache, knotweed, speedwell, chamomile and gallant soldier. On typical maize sites, the millet spectrum develops well, which is difficult to control.

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EC-Weeder for Maize

This is how your EC-Weeder for maize could look like. This machine covers 12 rows with a row width of 75 cm and is equipped with the IC-Light camera steering system for fatigue-free work at day and night time. The Combi- Elements are mounted on a profile toolbar. They are equipped with duckfoot shares on spring tines for working between the rows. The serrated protection discs prevent damage to the crop and the following harrow ensures that the weeds are cleanly weeded.

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