Weeds in cereals

The composition of the weed flora in winter cereals has changed considerably in the last years. New leading weeds such as cranesbill species, thistles, bindweeds, field horsetail, common poppy or cornflower are difficult to control in crop rotation and must be given special attention in cereal production. Grass weeds like black grass and silkybent grass are developing more and more resistances against common herbicides. Mechanical weed control is a valuable tool and a good alternative to spraying.

Find out more about the mechanical weeding options from our EC-Weeder-range.

EC-Weeder for cereals

This is how your EC-Weeder for cereals could look like. This machine covers 24 rows with a row distance of 25 cm and is equipped with the IC-Light camera steering system for fatigue-free work at day and night-time. The Basic elements are mounted on a profile toolbar and equipped with A-blades on vibro holders for working between the rows.

Find out more about all your options to customize your EC-Weeder for your needs.



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